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  1. Crimsoku

    Event The Valhalloween Event has begun!

    The Valhalloween Event has begun! October 12, 2021 The Valhalloween Event will run October 12 – November 1! Hiló Vikings! It’s time to embrace the spooky season with axes held high, as we kick off our first Festive event with Valhalloween! This celebration starts today, October 12th, and...
  2. Zian

    Mise à jour mi-saison

    Patch de mise à jour traduit par la communauté, retrouvez l’original ici Hey Vikings ! Aujourd’hui est le jour de notre première mise à jour de milieu de saison et nous avons de multiples nouvelles excitantes à partager ! Nous sommes impatients de vous voir explorer les nouveautés de Midgard...
  3. Crimsoku

    Event Slay Giants, save the world!

    1 Giant Death = 1 Tree planted We've got some exciting news before the global launch - Gearbox and Norsfell have teamed up with One Tree Planted to restore forests around the world! For every Giant you slay in-game, Gearbox will plant a tree (yes, in real life) in your glory. So grab your axe...