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  1. Miu

    What do Goblins do on their day off?

    Well they game, obviously!! Me on tw bc gotta spam, sorry: View: https://twitter.com/MiuNightmare/status/1442557198723342336
  2. Thymaius

    Goblin market

    Buy my stuff or prepare to die :mad:
  3. Goblin The Goblin


    This is a story-based minigame where we follow along with the steps of a Goblins flourishing life in Midgard. Remember to be kind, make it make sense, and have fun! Don't worry I'll start the story off (I am a Goblin after all) There once was a Goblin named ________
  4. Goblin The Goblin

    An introduction of Goblin The Goblin

    Username: Goblin The Goblin Hobbies: Collecting shinnies, war planning, and sipping on tea. Short Bio: I am Goblin the Goblin, the all-mighty chief of Goblins! I lead my people to greatness making sure to thwart all Midguardians who dare tread our lands! Okay okay, on a more serious note...