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General Information

Before asking questions please take a moment to review the FAQ.​

  • Am I allowed more than one account?​

No, there is no reason why you should have more than one account. If you are banned from the forums, please do not create a new account. If you continue to create new accounts after you have been banned, your IP address will be blocked from the forums.
  • What happens if I break a rule?​

If you break a rule, then you will either be warned or banned. A ban of your user account may either be temporary or permanent. The administrators and moderators also have the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread or post as they see necessary, without prior warning.
  • What happens if I see a thread/post which has broken a rule?​

Please report the thread/post to the moderators or admin.

Thread is unlocked, if you feel there are some needed questions please ask below.
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Aug 22, 2021
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The rules seem pretty straightforward to me. cheers!