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Info How to find a Matchmaking game in Tribes of Midgard

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How to find a Matchmaking game in Tribes of Midgard

Welcome to the world of Midgard! Now before you jump in - here’s a quick guide on how to find your first matchmaking game!

At the main menu, you’ll see this screen, and your two game mode options: one for Saga Mode (our more fast-paced adventure mode where you fight Saga Bosses) and a tab called “Other Modes” where you can find Survival Mode (a mode intended for exploration, building, and well… surviving as long as you can)!


How Matchmaking works in Saga Mode

If you want to play Saga Mode, you have two options:

1. Invite your friends in Saga mode​

Invite your friends to your lobby by hitting either the “Invite Friend” button on the bottom right, or by inviting via the platform (ex. Steam or PlayStation invites).


It’s important to note that with this first option:
  • Friends will NOT be able to join you mid-match if they were not part of the original lobby.
  • However, anyone from your original group can drop in and out at any time.
  • If everyone in your World hits “Save & Quit” the game will pause, until 1 player joins back.
  • If at least 1 player remains in the World, time will continue on.
Now, hit "New Game". If you want to do a run with your lobby only, select "My Group Only".


2. Use the Matchmaking option

Your second option is to jump straight into matchmaking with a random lobby by hitting “New Game”. Here, you can choose your server region. Hit “Start” to launch! You will be paired up with anywhere from up to 10 players.


How Matchmaking works in Survival Mode

If you want to play Survival Mode, which is focused more on long-term exploration and does not have Saga Bosses (for now - this will change in the future), head to the “Other Modes” tab.


Once again, you have two options:

1. Create a public or private lobby of your own.​

To do that, hit “Survival” then click “New Game”.


For this option, when creating a game, you will be greeted by several World options! It’s up to you to choose your own difficulty settings.


2. Join a pre-existing public or private lobby.

You can do this by hitting “Worlds List” to show all existing Worlds.


You can use the search bar to find a lobby, if you know the World number you are looking for and which password to enter. If not, you can join any public world by clicking “Join”.


If you’re looking for a group, we highly recommend joining the Discord and using the #how-to-use-LFG channel there: https://discord.gg/tribesofmidgard! We have an amazing community there to help.



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