1. A

    Important 🔥 Midguardians - INFERNO SAGA CHALLENGE 🔥

    Now that we've let you get acquainted with our new Ancient Surtr. We're asking you as a community to fullfill this Quest: Achieve 5000 Triple Ancient Kill Runs, to get 500 Midguardian points! If you're not a Midguardian yet, don't worry. You can sign up here => Click here <= so that you can...
  2. i220KHAOS

    Eu querendo a temporada 2 🎮

    Não me aguento mais !!!
  3. CDGxAce

    Potential Game Mode Idea.

    I think a PvP mode would do fairly well in this game. Now I'm not talking about fighting each other but more along the lines of against each other. The game would be a 3v3 mode where each team gets their own small procedurally generated map and the end goal is to beat Fenrir before the other...
  4. Usuper

    Predictions/ideas for saga boss

    Hey, so I was interested what everyone’s predictions were for the saga bosses, I was also wondering what everyone’s ideas where for future bosses and why (as well as possible abilities)?
  5. Fagundes

    Hello friends from Midgard, how many days do you usually finish saga mode?

    Let's share knowledge, how many days do you like to finish the saga mode and why?
  6. ThorRaquitico


    Midgardian here
  7. Plixemon

    Hello all! Midgardian Here!

    Hello everyone! My name is Plixemon! I'm a new midgardian and I look forward to meeting with the community! Make sure to join the discord and have fun!
  8. GiNiUs_Man

    Electro Jotunn

    Why the electro jotunn can be killed by Odinn?