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Meet all of the Giants in Tribes of Midgard​

They present an ever-looming threat, and they are hellbent on smashing both the Seed of Yggdrasil and your surrounding Village to bits. We’re talking about the Giants, also known as Jötnar, of course! In Tribes of Midgard, there are currently 4 Giants. Giants will spawn in the world and will constantly march towards your village if you do not stop them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you a bit more about each of them, so that you can best learn how to take them down! Let's get into it.

Meet the Giants​

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick montage video that showcases each of our Giants in action:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95ZzXR_y1VU




“The chilling Giant, Geirröðr, could freeze up any brave warrior in a fight. He’s cool and calculating, aiming his icy blows with a deadly precision and bringing a harsh winter in every stomp. It will take fiery spirits and a quick dodge to survive his attacks.

It is said that to let Geirröðr roam freely is to surrender the world to an icy ruin. Contrary to what Loki may have told, he is not a glutton, but rather a powerful and cunning Jötunn with no love for the gods. Seeking Thór's demise to avenge his daughters, he delivers deadly blows with calculated precision, so mind your footing when facing this foe.”


The very first Giant included in the game (fun fact: you can see some VERY old footage of him here) this ice giant is best fought against with fire weapons, though dark or thunder weapons will make a dent as well. One of his stronger moves is a ranged attack where he’ll launch a snowball directly towards you.


As mentioned, Geirröðr’s main weakness, naturally, is fire weapons. Weapons such as the Muspelheim Maul or Gullveig’s Skeggöx are worthy equipment to face his icy demeanor.

If Geirröðr is the first Giant you face in a match, you might not have ventured to the Smoky Highlands yet. Alternative to fire weapons, dark and thunder weapons will also make an impact, such as the Nornir Axe, so long as you’ve been to the Land of Pools and have got some Linnorm Spikes in order to craft it!



Geirröðr will stomp his foot down into the ground, causing an icy radius below him. In general, two of his main attacks occur directly below where he stands. It’s best to be ready to dodge once you see his knee start to raise.


Geirröðr will toss a flailing snowball, a ranged attack that can hit you at a distance. It’s a good idea to have your tribe scattered around him, so that this doesn’t take you all down at once!


Geirröðr will occasionally smash one or both fists into the ground, causing an AOE attack which radiates ice spikes outwards. When you see his arms raised, be sure to run away from his direction and be prepared to roll.




“The personification of wild-fire itself, Hálogi defeated Loki in an eating contest during one of their adventures with Thór, and could melt anyone in his way. The Jötunn, married to fire giantess Glöð, burns everything he touches. Reminiscent of the one the great Surtr bears, his massive sword causes a devastating eruption in a line from wherever it lands. His hunger is endless, as are his flames. Only a cool head can prevail before his might.”


The second Giant added in the game, this fire Giant is best fought against with ice weapons, though dark or thunder weapons can deal some damage as well. One of his stronger moves is his fire breath, which sends fire hurtling towards you and your tribe over an area.


As mentioned, Hálogi’s main weakness, naturally, is ice weapons. If you face Hálogi early on in the game, you might want to try to craft a Nornir Axe I, or any other dark weapon, which will also have considerable damage against him. Ice weapons are generally a bit tougher to craft early game, but you can certainly go for it!



Hálogi’s fire stomp is exactly as it sounds - he’ll use his foot to slam into the ground, causing an AOE of fire to appear, and will damage you should you get caught in it.


Occasionally, Hálogi will take a sip of his drinking horn and spit fireballs at an AOE range. When you see him start to take a drink, be sure to get ready to roll out of the way.


Hálogi carries with him a giant flaming sword. He will use the sword to slam it down horizontally, which presents a pretty deadly ranged attack. When you see him raise his arm with sword in hand, be sure to dodge out of the way.


Besides the line slam, Hálogi will also slam his spear directly vertical, causing an AOE of fire spikes to appear.


Though not an attack, any of Hálogi’s residual fire drip trail can damage you. Be sure to avoid the lava that follows him.




“A thundering boom marks the arrival of Járnsaxa, the Thunder Jötunn. Known to be Thór's lover, this Jötunn is also one of the Nine Mother of Heimdallr. Forever bearing the dagger that is her namesake, Járnsaxa moves with the grace of the wind. She electrifies her enemies with her iron dagger, taking down everything in her path. Arm yourself with dark weapons to bring an extra punch against her lighting strikes against your tribe.”

And where the wind goes, thunder follows. As this giantess closes in on her objective, she becomes a living tempest harnessing the storm itself through the power of her magical totems.”


The third Giant included in the game, this thunder giant is best fought against with dark weapons, though ice or fire weapons can deal some damage too.

The special thing about Járnsaxa is that she has not one, but TWO phases. In her first phase, she appears as a smaller, humanoid being, and wields both a dagger and spear. Once her health reaches below 50% HP however, she will transform into a raging storm, changing her move sets to include lightning-summoning totems.



Járnsaxa’s main weakness is dark weapons. These are fairly accessible early on in game, as you can craft the Sigyn’s Blade I (which requires only Iron and Helthing Fingernails, given by Helthings at night). The Serpent Tongue I is also an option (which requires Iron and Unsunken Talisman) - so long as you can defeat enemies at Ash Beach for those Talisman.



Járnsaxa carries a dagger with her, in the first phase. She will slam the dagger downwards, causing anyone near her to be affected. Be sure to roll when she lifts her arm to stab!


She will also use her dagger to slash whoever is directly in front of her, causing electricity to burst from her dagger in a pattern of three wheels. Keeping your distance is best in this case.


Her secondary weapon, the spear, is used to attack in a circle-shaped motion, sweeping and attacking anyone nearby. You can see her gearing up for this attack when she holds her spear close to her chest. Be sure to roll out of the way.


She will also shoot out a ranged attack with her spear, causing a line of lighting to be thrown directly in front of her.



When Járnsaxa enters her second phase, she will often summon balls of lightning - you know this is going to happen when she raises her arms above her head. These balls of lightning will target you - chasing you even as you run away. It’s best to divide and conquer in this case, having your tribe spread out to not get targeted by all the lightning at once. So long as you run far enough away, and dodge/roll, eventually they will self-destruct.


In her second phase, she will also summon lightning totems, angry little wooden statues that will strike down lightning on to you and your tribe. You must destroy them to stop their attacks.


Occasionally, Járnsaxa will also slam her fist down on the ground, causing a line strike of lightning to shoot out horizontally as a ranged attack. When you see her arm raising, be sure to dodge out of the line of sight.




“This mother of monsters spreads fear and despair wherever she goes. Together with Loki, Angrboða birthed the three great monsters known as Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel. This Jötunn brings grief wherever she travels, channeling an aura that twists day into night wherever it touches, including resources. An unparalleled summoner, this giantess relies on her daughter's Helthings for defense, bringing monsters straight from Hel to wreck chaos across Miðgarð.”


The fourth and newest Giant included in the game, this dark Giant is best fought against with thunder weapons, though ice or fire weapons can deal some damage too. One of her stronger moves includes summoning Helthings that will attack you and your tribe.

The thing to keep in mind when it comes to Angrboða is the fact that she carries a dark aura around her wherever she moves. This dark aura causes everything in its path to night-shift, meaning resources can be harvested in their night-shift form when she's nearby.


Angrboða’s main weakness is thunder weapons. Generally, any Nornir Axe will be your best friend here (the Tier I requiring Stone, Linnorm Spikes and Mushroom Moon Bolts to craft).



Angrboða can summon Helthings - it’s one of her signature moves. These beings from Hel will rise up out of void portals, attacking both you and your tribe. It’s best to use your thunder weapons to defeat them.


Angrboða has a ranged attack - she will also summon a fist from the ground which will rise up and attract anyone nearby. As soon as you see a small purple portal appear on the ground, run the other way!


One of the most obvious of her attacks, Angrboða will deploy void pools, which are large purple-colored circles on the ground. These void pools will drain your health - so take caution and roll away when you can.


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I mostly play alone and only go saga mode.
I dont kill the Giants, I lower their health until they would kill with one hit and wait until they reach the village. Sometimes the Archer kills the Giants and I get more days out of it.
I use the Jörmungandr-Set only for the Mana Regenaration, because after lvl 5 Giants they kill you with one hit.
The important rune are Soul Powered, even you dont make much damage with each runes and 10k souls you can make 500 damage. Support Rune is Keeper of Souls to stay strong even after death.
I never understood why Járnsaxa (Thunder Boss) was weaker in second phase and stronger in first.
I have a team of high skilled friends, who takes care of the Giants. Everyone have their job. My part ist collecting and crafting. So my friends told me which weapons or armor they need and i craft them as soon as possible.
The class to choose is Berserker, the first giant is almost always beaten with Raider Ax I or Raider Ax II, then try to go for Alvíss' Hammer I and Gullveig's Skeggöx I, upgrade them as soon as possible. The weapons to choose are because the 2 giants that are complicated for me are Angrboða and Geirröðr
Winters Wake rune is super helpful not only when defending but also when fighting Angrboda’s mobs.
The only thing im doing is that every time Jötunn spawns im just going to him and knock down his hp to around 1k and then going back to do my things.
Normally when Jötunns spawn, I tend to group up the members whether they're randoms or not. The sooner we take care of the issue, the better. As for each of their weaknesses, I normally use Muspelheimm Maul II or III on every trait that isn't Halogi due to the fact it's among the highest DPS weapon in the game with its 2nd skill - the raging fury. As for Halogi, I normally clubber him with a Nolnir Axe II since this weapon is essential to open up beacons and kill off the nasty sunken vikings.
Йотуны до 5 уровня в одиночной Саге очень простые, практически любым оружием убиваю, а потом пытаюсь закончить Сагу за 8 дней, на выживание не играю. А я просто автоматически уворачиваюсь от умений каждого из них, поэтому советую ознакомиться с гайдом.
I find Angrboða to be one of the tougher Jötunns to deal with. Her attraction fist can be difficult to see at night (Night + Night) I suggest watching her right hand. When she raises it up prepare to dodge.

I find Angrboða to be one of the tougher Jötunns to deal with. Her attraction fist can be difficult to see at night (Night + Night) I suggest watching her right hand. When she raises it up prepare to dodge.

Normally her aggro comes around to whoever dealt the most DPS before she lowers her hand and at that time frame you have time to move away before she insta kills you. It only targets 1 person though so it shouldn't be so hard to avoid it.
My go to for pretty much all the bosses in the game is to go Seer. Full Weapon, Speed and Lightning Dmg; run around naked with nothing to hide runes and after crafting two purple Nornir axes obliterate everything. Although I do put armor are for the new beacon camps as I seem to have trouble making it through those alive nekked. 😂
Best strategy is to locate the Jötunn early and get the hp to a sliver but don't kill them. When they get close to the base then deal the final blow. This will make it so the next Jötunn spawns later then if you would have just killed the Jötunn initially. Also this keeps the risk of forgetting about the Jötunn and then they just destroy the base.
Whenever possible, always try to use a super effective weapon combined with some soul powered runes