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Jul 9, 2023
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Well, the game is excellent and I've been having a lot of fun. However, the progression system is quite short, and the game has several points that need improvement. Of course, this is my feedback after playing for three days with only 16.2 hours of gameplay, and the things I will list for improvement may already be in the game and I just haven't noticed them yet, so I'll make changes over time.

Floating trees bug when cutting
One of the first negative things I noticed in the game is that trees glitch out when they're being cut. For example, when I cut one, it flies into space. This mostly happens when the tree is close to a barrier like rocks, elevated areas, or other trees.

Glitched teleportation
When teleporting, sometimes my character would end up inside rocks or locations near the teleporter. Instead of appearing on center of my teleporter, my character would appear inside objects behind or beside it, requiring me to remove and replace the teleporter.

Friendly fire from enemies
The game seems to have friendly fire between enemies, or it could just be a bug that occurred to me a few times when facing the Linnorm. Some enemies would accidentally hit each other while trying to attack me and end up throwing each other away. It's not something that bothers me, but it's something to be noted.

Heavy cursor
Playing the game on a high-performance or average PC poses no issues. However, on a low-end PC, even though the game runs at 60 FPS, the cursor becomes extremely heavy when opening the menu or inventory. It feels like it's running at very low FPS, unlike the in-game cursor. This is also something to be noted.

Outline and Bloom effects
Regarding the game's graphics, it would be interesting to have the option to disable the black outline effect in the game and also enable a bloom effect to create a more magical atmosphere.

Temperature effects
When it gets very hot or very cold, the screen undergoes changes to indicate this through what appears to be a gradually appearing PNG file. However, when leaving the region affected by the player's temperature, this effect simply disappears from the screen instead of gradually fading out. It's quite odd and something that should also be addressed.

Extremely low stamina
I know it's possible to increase the character's swimming speed, but their stamina is extremely low, which doesn't make much sense and could last longer.

Selecting objects with the cursor
In the game, it's possible to select enemies I want to attack by pointing the cursor in their direction. However, interactive objects such as chests and other items don't respond the same way and need to be fixed.

Single key for editing
To enter edit mode in the game, you need to press C to open it and ESC to close it, which doesn't make sense and could be done with a single key for both functions.

Shortcuts for all interactions
Speaking of player shortcuts, one annoying thing is that the game doesn't recognize when I have the inventory open and ends up executing another action. For example, if I use the E key to open the inventory and my secondary mana bar is full, pressing the key will use the secondary attack of my weapon and also open the inventory. This is a terrible experience, so having separate binds for each action in the game is essential, unlike the current model that provides only a few options.

Clouds on the map
Instead of using blur effects for undiscovered areas on the map, dark clouds could be used, which would give a better visual aspect to the map.

Marking locations on the map
The game provides the option to mark locations on the map, but it doesn't provide indicators when the map is not in full screen mode. This happens with Iggdrasil, which remains constantly marked on the mini-map, but doesn't happen with player-marked locations. Additionally, the player cannot mark specific structures, which doesn't make sense. So, having this possibility would be great (even though it's easy to locate them).

Climbing system
Having to enter build mode and place a floor to climb a small structure is ridiculous. So, having the ability to climb certain places in the game would be excellent and save the player a lot of time for simple tasks.

Automatic descent
Since I mentioned climbing, descending shouldn't be problematic in the game either. Currently, the player needs to roll to descend from any height, even if it's low. If the character simply had an animation of descending and did so without barriers, it would be great.

Map barriers
Speaking of map barriers, this is one of the most negative aspects of the game. The map has many barriers in various locations, which is ridiculous and needs to be urgently corrected. One thing that frustrated me a lot while playing was the fact that I had to interact with a puddle of water to dive into it and cross, because there was a barrier preventing me from simply walking over it. The same applies to small streams that are only a few centimeters wide and deep, which makes no sense. This is something that should be updated urgently in the game.

Armor clipping through shields
I know this is a trivial issue, and only a few players will actually be bothered by it, but it does happen and could be fixed. Wearing bulkier armor pieces causes them to clip through the shield on the character's back, which looks quite odd, especially for detail-oriented players.

Map targets
Even when pressing the SHIFT key to aim from a certain distance and try to hit an explosive on the map, for example, the shots don't land accurately, and this can also be corrected.

Effects glitching into the ground
It's quite unsightly when starting a battle and the healing effect from the ability "Iðunn's Seedling" gets glitched into the ground. If possible, it would be appreciated if this could be fixed.

Collect all and Move all
The game has the option to press SHIFT in the inventory to move everything to a chest, for example. However, the reverse option doesn't exist. So, if I want to collect all items from one chest and put them into another, I need to pick up each item individually, which is quite tedious.

Camera settings not saved
If I set my game with an extended camera view, when I start the game again, it doesn't retain that choice. So, I have to readjust the camera distance every time I enter the map, and this can be fixed.

Fixed camera on the character's back
Speaking of cameras in the game, it would be nice to have the option to lock the camera on the character's back. This way, no matter which direction the player turns, the camera would adjust to keep the character centered, making it easier to view locations and build structures in the game. Of course, this would be optional, and those not interested could use the current model.