General speedrunning strategy


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Dec 9, 2022
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Speedrun Strategy for Beginners - Tribes of Midgard:

Team Composition

You want at least:
1 seer
1 sentinel
1 hunter (for groups 5 and bigger)
1 berserker

- Seers offer important utility for temperature immunity and healing.
- Sentinels are consistent early damage.
- Berserkers are the highest late game damage.
- Hunters secure important items such as legendaries.

You can have as many of each class as you want. For our community, we find that two sentinels, two seers, one or two hunters and then multiple berserkers is the most effective team comp for larger games.

For our sub 30 game there were 5 people and the composition was:
1x Berserker
1x Hunter
1x Seer
2x Sentinel

General Strategy for Newer Players

Phase one: Stay together, kill stuff and prepare

Step 1. Group up and run down one path

Try to get materials for green weapons - Materials to find:
Kick trees for wood for ramps, spears and shields
Kick stone for hammers or axes
Dokkalfar thorns and Wolf teeth for green weapons
Objectives to find::
2x camps in the bright forest for leather, potions and enchanted tripwires.
level 2 bright forests camps are the best for this because they are easy and give ramps. Once you get trip wires you can do level 3 camps.
Barricades - you need 2 if you have 5 people.
Ash beach camp, they drop maps to reveal beacons and you need 3 maps total.
Ash beach camps become very difficult early game when they are above level 90 so we suggest not trying to fight them unless they are level 90.

Step 2. Go back to town,
Deposit everything in the communal chest
Spend your souls to level up villagers - Level up the blacksmith to 3, tinker and armorer
Have 1 person Build Quarry (12 wooden boards, 9 cuts stone, 6 wrought iron and 600 souls)

Step 3. Build
Best weapon or shield for your class
villager armor
Level 1 or 2 Tools
Build 1-2 ramps.

Step 4. Quests
Check your quest board - Some quests are much easier than others. Look for:

Molten treasure
Straight to the core
Donate villager armor
Donate raider armor

Phase two - Split up, run the roads and find stuff

Step 1: Separate into two teams

Team one:
Seers, Berserkers, and Hunter.

They will runs paths to find objectives

Objectives to find
  1. Outpost
  2. Surtr’s portal
  3. Fire sorcerer
  4. Bridge

Step 2: One of the first things you want to do is find and kill an outpost. You need 10 muspelite and sometimes there is only one accessible outpost so you may need 3 or 4 people to get the loot.

Step 3: On day 2 at about 13 minutes the Jotunn spawns. Kill Jotunn immediately, deposit Jotun Fragments in the chest. The souls and ancient cores from the Jotunn are extremely valuable - can be used to open Surtr’s portal.

Step 4: On day 3 at about 22 minutes the Stag spawns.Everyone from this team has to pick up event fragments before they despawn.
You need 100 fragments to enter both Surtr and Fenrir's layer so you need several people to get fragments. In a five person game you need 4 people to get them.
It is possible to skip the stag and get into Surtr’s portal in day two but that takes a lot of coordination and is too hard for this guide. We will update one with that soon.

Step 5: Once you get the stag fragments and muspelite open up Surtr’s portal.
Ideally you will want to do this during the night so that no one takes heat damage the hunter can mine twilight pyrestone more easily.
To survive the heat of Surtr’s maze you need either an embers core (chest) and the rest of the villager armor set or full raider armor and the Seer Tempered buff.

Step 6: Enter Surtr’s portal

First level:
Hunter split off and find twilight pyrestone
Seers and Berserkers go and kill 30 Lavættir

Second level:
Seers and Berserkers go and kill 5 Fire snakes. Mark the snake corpses on the map and have everyone in the maze get the spikes.

Step 7: Once someone has the shrine on the top level everyone should teleport back with t/r3 or go to town from the shrine

Team two:
Sentinels and others helping with beacons

Objectives to find
  1. Shipyard
  2. 3 beacons (if not found earlier)

Step 2:
If the shipyard has not been found already join the rest of the team in running roads
If the beacons have not been found, kill beach camps for them
Build the shipyard (10 wood boards 6 wrought iron 2 ancient cores)
Four boats (wooden boards yarn

Step 3:
Sail to and light the three beacons
You can break up this part two different ways. First, one person boats to the beacons while the other one opens the beacons or you can have people go to and open the beacons at the same time.

Step 4:
Sail to Jörmungandr’s lair

Phase Three: Kill the bosses

Make sure to deposit fragments in the chest

Step one:
Team one*:
Kill Jörmunganrd

Team two:
Kill Surtr

take the materials out of the chest
build the bridge
sell the materials
buy the hideout fragments (7500 souls)
buy event fragments if needed

If the hunter can’t afford all the fragments, have people from the team that kills their boss first buy the remaining fragments.

Step two:
Kill Fenrir

Congratulations - you won