General How to unlock the Midsaehrimnir and Princess Linda pet in Tribes of Midgard


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Jun 30, 2021
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How to unlock the Midsaehrimnir and Princess Linda pet in Tribes of Midgard​

How to unlock the Princess Linda Pet​


The Princess Linda Pet is unlocked via SHiFT Code, by joining the Midguardians program, the community program relating to Tribes of Midgard. When you sign up to be part of the program, you will instantly receive a SHiFT Code via email in order to redeem this Pet.


“This adorable offspring of a Linnorm Queen is nothing like her mother. More warm-hearted puppy than cold-blooded reptile, she can often be seen following Humans, Goblins and even Helthings around, ever eager to make new friends. Legend has it that she dreams of meeting her ultimate BFF to be: the elusive Frog Prince.”

Fun fact:​

Her name, Linda, originates from one of our Moderators continuously calling Linnorms “Linda”.

How to unlock the Midsæhrímnir Pet​


The Midsæhrímnir Pet is unlocked via SHiFT Code, by reaching 19,000 points in the Midguardians program. Points are accumulated via completing weekly "quests" - emails sent out one a week, which revolve around community feedback or support for Tribes of Midgard.


“A close friend of Princess Linda, this boar is best known for its ability to sniff out trickster Goblins. Legend says it's been around for so long that it even remembers the old days, where flying trees would blot out the sun and the Einherjar were too fearful to roll down cliffs. This ancient companion has seen much in its travels, but has found its place with the equally ancient souls of the Midguardians.”