Next Weeks Maintenance

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Next week, Norsfell will be pushing a Maintenance update to address various issues and stability improvements.

755467980686622840.pngSome of the fixes you can expect to see are:755467980686622840.png

- Fixed an issue in which the Warden would lose their 6th Rune slot after Saving and Quitting then returning
- Fixed an issue where the number of Golden Horns would sometimes inaccurately display well above the maximum of 99 after taking the Bifröst
- Fixed an issue in which defeating a Jötunn with an Enchanted Tripwire would wrongfully attribute the glory to Oðinn
- Fixed an issue in which the petting prompt for your Pet could interfere with other interactions, like opening Chests. Now your Pets will have to wait their turn!

We wanted to be sure to give you a heads up, and thank you for reporting issues you run into on Discord - we keep eyes on these and can assure you we are investigating them.

The Norsfell team are also hard at work on a few persistent concerns, including the Mystery of the Missing XP. We will provide you with an update on that as soon as we can. Thank you so much for your continued patience.
Not open for further replies.