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Jun 30, 2021
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Here are some initial troubleshooting steps you can try if you're experiencing server and/or matchmaking issues.

Issue: Unable to re-join Saga World​

You cannot join a Saga World in progress if you have players in your Main Menu Lobby, and the Saga World slot will be shown as greyed out. Join back the World individually.

Issue: "Group no Longer Exists"​

Sometimes you may receive an error pop up "group no longer exists". We have found that the solution is to check that everyone who you are playing with has their PC Clock set to "Automatic".

Issue: "Connection Error: A Network Error has Occurred"​


Troubleshooting steps created by KajiuHalina
Platforms: Steam, PlayStation

Try these steps and attempt to join the World after each step:
  1. PlayStation only - close the game so you're on the home screen, press start while the game is selected, and quit.
  2. Reset device (PC, PlayStation)
  3. Reset home router and/or modem
  4. Steam only - open command prompt and enter: ipconfig /flushdns
  5. If on WIFI: Forget network, and then connect again
    1. If on ethernet disconnect, wait a few seconds then reconnect.
  6. Full shutdown - Power off the device and disconnect from power for 15 full seconds. We're trying to clear the RAM.
  7. Re-install game
  8. Abandon the Survival world and start again. (I know...)
  9. Ask for help in

Issue: "Connection Error: A Network Error has Occurred" - PlayStation​

Platform: PlayStation specific

The problem generally happens due to an Error Code NP-44125-6 that the PS has. There are 5 things you can try to help you solve your problem:

1) Try changing the host
2) Move the game from the external memory to the console's internal storage (ofc if you have it on an external)
3) Try deleting the game and reinstall
4) Re-boot your console in safe mode and clear data and cache and rebuild them afterwards
5) Try to change your NAT, check out these 2 links below they will guide you and explain how it works:
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