Info Tribes of Midgard: Monthly Recap, The Allforge, and more – Dev Blog #2

General Information
Welcome Vikings, to Dev Blog #2!

April has been an exciting month for us, and there’s even more to come in May. Season 3’s development is in full swing, and we’re glad to share that we’ve just reached an important milestone in wrapping up our Survival Mode Alpha phase! Survival Mode’s development is coming along well, and we have more to share below.

We also want to take this time to share news about the Private Beta, some patch notes, what we’re currently working on, and what else awaits for May. I’m too used to saying “let’s dive into it”… so uhh… in the spirit of this “hot” upcoming Season, “let’s get cooking”?



With our new development phase starting, we’re excited for the opportunity to get our very first feedback on the revamped Survival Mode, as this will evolve with your help and input. Our next Private Beta (on PC) will be held in mid-May, for all current and new Midguardians members.

If you’re interested in giving feedback, please don’t hesitate to join the Midguardians program. To learn more, visit!


We deployed a minor patch including Doubling XP in both Saga and Survival Mode – be sure to restart your game to see the changes on all platforms. You can catch up on the full notes here!


To all our PlayStation friends – Tribes of Midgard will be available via PlayStation Plus until June 6th! Bring your friends, form a brand new tribe and defend Midgard together – the game is downloadable via PS Plus starting May 3rd.

Tribes of Midgard will also support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which allows for smoother gameplay, crisper graphics and input lag reduction.

Thanks to PlayStation for supporting us from the very beginning – it’s a wonderful feeling for us to bring the game to so many new players around the world.



Next, we want to (re)introduce some characters that will make an even stronger appearance in Midgard in Season 3’s revamped Survival Mode – it’s about time they say Hiló!

Eira Foot-Crushed


For years now, there has been a red-haired Einherjar featured on the Tribes of Midgard key art. She’s a powerful Viking warrior, named Eira Foot-Crushed (there’s a reason for that name… and we’ll get to that a bit later on).

She’s been a constant figure since the start of Tribes of Midgard’s development, and has two armors created after her – both the Eira and Midsummer Eira cosmetics.

Not only that, but she has lent her voice to narrate several of our trailers, and the Giant Showcase series. Did you know she even voices the introduction of the game, spoken in High Midgardian? She’s voiced by the talented Camilla Arfwedson, and we were fortunate enough to be in that recording session (very fun!!) to hear how it all came to life. With all that said, it’s clear to us that it’s time for Eira to take on a greater role in our revamped Survival Mode – you’ll finally get to meet her in game for the first time!

She’s currently creating some… special Runes for you, so expect to hear a proper introduction from her soon.

Mániklo and Sóleyra


Besides Eira, you may also recognize our curious and fantastical Norse cats from the tutorial (or maybe they’re your favourite pet in game) – Mániklo’ (meaning “Moon Claw”) and Sóleyra (meaning “Sun Ear”). Mániklo is, well, a stubborn little deity, while Sóleyra’s quirkiness tends to surface with her perpetual sense of adventure.

Since the Survival mode revamp will introduce many new changes and more to learn, the tutorial will be receiving various improvements, including a more consistent interaction with our two cats.

Mániklo’s wise words, along with Sóleyra’s effervescence, will be there to guide you along your first steps in Season 3, so you don’t have to worry about learning the ropes alone. But until they can do so, we’ll give it a start!



We also want to introduce you to an important element of the upcoming Survival Mode: The Allforge. This is a wondrous little Dwarven invention that can instantly craft Stations (you can see some examples of crafting stations here). You’ll need the Allforge in order to create Tools, Weapons, Armor, and maybe even a heavily fortified village.

It can be deployed wherever you’d like (fun fact: it can even repair your equipment). Think of it as the origin of all Stations!


This has been lurking on the Road Map for some time, and with the new Survival Mode, some brand new resources have appeared just under the water’s surface! Craft one of many fishing rods, and find the perfect spot to fill your pantry.



Okay, besides the in-game news, we have some IRL news! Some of our team have started working at our brand new studio (still under construction – we need some plants) after 2 years of working from home. Though we remain a totally flexible, hybrid-working studio, we’re glad to see each other’s faces.

You can bet we’ll share a studio tour once the setup is done.

You’re allll caught up now. We can’t wait to start this month of May with you, whether it’s with our new PlayStation Plus tribe, our Midguardians, or all the players with whom we’ll be sharing even more of our journey to come.

Seil Seil, and talk soon,

The Norsfell team

Twitter: @tribesofmidgard
Twitch: tribesofmidgard